To stay ahead of the competition in today’s knowledge-based economy it’s more important than ever to provide a workspace that enables your employees to be their most productive. What ‘productive’ looks like will be different for every business, so the first stage of our process is a detailed analysis of your business. This involves looking at both where you are now and what you are aiming for. Gaining a deep understanding of what you do and how you do it will enable us to create a workplace that will optimise results now and long into the future.


Consulting & Research activities:

  • Assessment of Current Office and Organizational Status
  • Space Utilisation Studies
  • Workplace Insights Survey
  • Workshops on Office Design Strategies / New Office Concepts
  • Office Building Assessment
  • Strategic Change Management Workshops



Based on what you have told us about the values, processes and needs within your company, we look at ways to help you improve across four main areas:


Improvement of workplace:

  • Design that mirrors your corporate vision
  • Ergonomics
  • Technology / IT
  • Workplace experience

Reduction of costs:

  • Rental costs
  • Running costs / and FM costs
  • Increase of efficiency

Organizational improvement:

  • Implementing new ways of working
  • Enhanced communication (physical and virtual)
  • Being more appealing to Millennials and Generation 2020
  • Implementing new systems (IT, archiving, corporate social networks...)
  • Implementing a Change Management project

Improvement of flexibility:

  • Optimize IT systems
  • Introducing standardized fit outs
  • Workplace mobility




Not all m²s are equal. There are huge differences in the efficiency and quality with which different office buildings use their space. Using the concept as our guide, we design an office that makes the very best of the space you have, making sure to meet your exact requirements and creating a space that is beautiful, functional and reflective of your company’s personality. Elements that may be included in the design process include:


Feasibility Studies, Test Fits & Space Planning

Where office relocation is required, we conduct a thorough feasibility study for any potential new workplace. We analyse all possible location prospects and assess fit out costs, space efficacy, user efficiency, technical quality and building quality. A professional space plan visualizes how your office concept fits in a new location, revealing possible savings, weak points or optimization potential.


We provide you with a comprehensive comparison study between various locations to empower you to take the right business decision based on detailed research.


Interior Design

Office design is a subtle form of communication, showcasing your business’s values and ideas to everyone from employees to clients. Achieving great design does not always require big budgets. Just the right concept and good ideas.


Just as we think through every aspect of layout, we pay detailed attention to the finishing touches. The colour scheme. The furnishings. The natural light. Our aim is to make your office an environment where people love to be.


Visualisation and Virtual Reality

See what your final office will look like before committing to the build. In cooperation with our partners Zoomvp, we will provide a full VR walkthrough of your potential office. This process is really useful, allowing you to get a feel for how the building space will be, and make any adjustments before it is built.